Prof. Glen Nwaila

Prof. Glen Nwaila


PhD Economic Geology (Magna Cum Laude)
University of Würzburg, Germany

M.Sc Chemical Engineering
University of Cape Town

B.Sc (Hons) Geology
University of Johannesburg

Functional Expertise

  • Mineral Resources
  • Due diligence on mineral resources
  • Machine learning applied to geosciences
  • Innovation
  • Regulatory compliance

Industry Expertise

  • Mining
  • Management Consulting
  • Operational
  • Copper, gold, PGE, base metals, hydrocarbons

Serving as  specialist advisor and consultant to SmartMin for our South African division is esteemed industry expert, Prof. Glen Nwaila.

Prof. Nwaila is a chemical engineer and economic geologist with 12 years’ experience in the minerals industry in production, academic and consulting capacity. He is also one of the foremost geoscientific researchers globally, and continues to contribute to academics at University of Witwatersrand where he serves as Senior Lecturer in economic geology.

As a qualified and professionally licensed economic geologist and chemical engineer, Prof. Nwaila has experience in the development of geological databases, evaluation of mineral resources and  assessment of mineral processing plants. His expertise includes geometallurgy and machine learning, specifically data analysis, block modelling, ore blending and its effect to downstream processing and predictive analytics using a suite of regression, classification and artificial neural networks. These set of tools are applied in database management, grade control, target exploration, ore system classification, mineral processing risk assessment, and plant performance optimisation.

Prof. Nwaila has also developed a set of machine learning algorithms for data encoding, in-situ grade estimation and ore classification published with the Journal of Natural Resources. In addition, he has undertaken a number of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) revisions to match industry best practices.