About Us

SmartMin is a mining and geology consultancy and research and development (R&D) company specialising in the application of machine learning and advanced data analytics in the mining industry. Our solutions encompass our tried and tested methodologies, deep industry expertise, value driven analytics and ability to leverage our extensive partner network, ensuring an end-to-end comprehensive solution facilitated by a single service provider.

We have extensive industry, consulting, and academic experience in mineral resources management and processing industry.  We are confident that our insights, as well as our market-leading execution capability, uniquely position us to deliver strategic technically advisory solutions. In particular we wish to highlight the following areas:

  • Experience: We will bring a multidisciplinary team that has strong analytical skills, systems and implementation experience, and knowledge of mining operations.
  • Knowledge of your business: Our team is familiar with the mining and mineral resource environment, modern and historic plant processes, and how data and analytics can be leveraged to increase value.
  • Collaborative working style: We encourage a collaborative working style where we co-create the solution with you and your team. We believe that it is critical to ensure that your team is fully immersed in the process from the start. This approach assists significantly with strategic change management and delivers consistently better results.

These three pillars uniquely position to be able to create Artificial Intelligence solutions that are tailored to, and address the unique needs of mining companies.

Contact us to find out more about how you can digitalise your operation and extract value from your existing data.