Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Ingelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one among the suite of services that SmartMin offers to clients.

Our team comprises highly skilled and qualified professionals with extensive experience and expertise in a diverse array commodities.

We offer comprehensive services in Artificial Intelligence encompassing:

  • Creation of AI business objectives
  • Data cleaning and pre-processing
  • Creation of an AI model
  • Evaluation of AI models
  • Oversight on AI Implementation and continuous monitoring.

Why you need Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an area of growing focus because of the move towards digital integration and the global emphasis on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). It is vital for all companies to have a digital strategy in order to extract value from existing data and new technologies. This is necessary for all companies that hope to remain competitive in today’s fast-changing world. All mining companies need to leverage Artificial Intelligence for:

  • Realisation of value from legacy data
  • To gain insights on multiple datasets
  • To be agile and predictive instead of reactive
  • Redefining business models and objectives
  • Having easy access to information and user-friendly visualisation and reporting
  • To govern and manage data quality
  • To quantify the risk in business

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In computer science, the term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to any human-like intelligence exhibited by a computer, robot, or other machine.

In popular usage, artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer or machine to mimic the capabilities of the human mind—learning from examples and experience, recognizing objects, understanding and responding to language, making decisions, solving problems—and combining these and other capabilities to perform functions a human might perform


Advances in computing technology have significantly reduced the cost of data processing and have made machine learning and artificial intelligence both accessible and technology feasible at a wide scale. This has led to the current boom in digital technological research and the focus on 4IR

Current Expertise in Artificial Intelligence for Mining

SmartMin is an artificial intelligence company serving various industries, with our dominant background being from mining.

In the world, plenty of prominent people and companies are regarded as authority to the fields of geosciences and data sciences. However, most lean heavily towards either pure geoscience or data science and mathematics, with little to no cross-disciplinary knowledge.

An added layer of complication is that many researchers have a limited background in mineral resources management or are consultants without field experience in both mining, geology, mineral processing and finance.

At SmartMin we boast a diverse team with rare and unique cross-disciplinary skillsets to help mining companies and geoscientific specialists to bridge the gap between the disciplines and to create solutions tailored to relevant mining industry problems.

Our team boasts a proven record of achievement in both industry and academic research, across various discplines

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